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    Important Disclosure
The information that is provided on the textbook page is the best information we have available at this time. Textbook information and pricing is subject to change as we receive updates from faculty and publishers.  The listing of a NEW or USED price does not indicate any quantity of NEW or USED books are on hand or will be available.  The bookstore is not liable for changes and errors on this list unless the books purchased are purchased from the Folsom Lake College Store(Folsom Lake College).  Such purchases are subject to the Folsom Lake College Store return policies. Please be careful how you use the information on our web pages.  All totals for purchasing and renting textbooks are calculated using NEW prices as we cannot guarantee the availability of USED books. If a USED book is available, then the USED price will be applied when your order is processed. Price changes occur daily. 

Be aware that if you choose USED ONLY and we only carry NEW books of that title, the item will be cancelled off of your order (The same goes for NEW ONLY and we only carry USED). If you would like for the item to be processed anyways in this case, please select PREFERRED. Thank you.