The Textbook Rental Program allows students attending Folsom Lake College (with a valid Los Rios Access Card) the opportunity to rent selected textbooks for the duration of the current semester. The Folsom Lake College Bookstore (College Store) will validate your student ID number and address in the PeopleSoft system. If the student ID and address information does not match the information in the PeopleSoft system, we will not be able to rent you the book.


By reading this agreement, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. I am at least 18 years of age and am the credit card holder.

2. I am entering this Textbook Rental Agreement ("Agreement") with the Folsom Lake College Bookstore (College Store) of my own free will. I will return the Rented Materials to the Folsom Lake College Bookstore (College Store).
3. Rental Fee Refund. Rental Fee refunds will be granted until 01/24/2020 or by 01/31/2020 with proof of drop. Refunds for late starting classes will be granted through Friday of the first week of instruction with proof of enrollment. There are no refunds for 1-5 day classes after the start of class. The book needs to be in the same condition as it was when it was rented, accompanied with the original receipt.
4. Failure to Return. If I fail to return the Rented Materials by the Rental Return Due Date of Friday, May 22, 2020, or return them in unsalable condition, I authorize the FLC College Store to charge the Failure to Return Fees to my credit card or debit card on file: (1) replacement Fee (retail book price less rental fee paid), PLUS (2) a processing fee of 20% of the retail book price. Retail book price is based on the retail book price at the time of the rental. Any chargeback disputes will result in school records being placed on hold. Acceptable forms of payment to release school records will be cash, cashiers check or check (10 day waiting period for checks). The FLC College Store is not responsible for reminding me of the Rental Return Due Date. I understand that returns may not be accepted after the Rental Return Due Date and that once the Failure to Return Fees are paid, the book is mine to keep. The Failure to Return Fees are in addition to the original Rental Fee.
5. Credit Card Declined. If I have failed to return my book by the due date and my credit card is declined, I authorize the FLC College Store to put my school records on hold and I understand that the College Store will send my account to a collection agency. The College Store will charge me, in addition to the "Failure to Return Fee", a $39.00 processing fee for each book rented. Plus, I may incur additional fees by the collection agency. My school records will not be released until all outstanding fees are paid.
6. Conditions upon Return. Limited highlighting and writing in rented textbooks is permitted and acceptable. However, Rented Materials must be returned in complete and salable condition. This means the spine of the book is intact, there is no damage to the book, all pages are in order and all component parts of the book must be present. LIQUID DAMAGE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I am responsible for any loss or theft of the Rented Materials. CD's included in a rental book must be returned with the rental book, in undamaged condition. I am responsible for all applicable fees for unacceptable books.
7. Card as Security. I will not cancel or exceed the purchasing limits of the credit card or debit card on file until the rented textbooks are either returned to the Folsom Lake College Bookstore (College Store) or the "Failure to Return Fees" is paid.
8. Tax. Normal tax rates will apply.
9. Rental Purchase: Last day to convert rental to a purchase is May 1, 2020. (Must be done in store)
10. Rental book Drop box: By using the College store drop box you agree to all terms & conditions of rental agreement and drop box instructions (located at drop box) and take full responsibility for using drop box.
     FLC  -  Inside Falcons Roost (front of downstairs bookstore)
     EDC  - Administration office lobby, second floor
     RCC  - Student services front counter (see RCC staff member at counter)
10. RENTAL RETURN DUE DATE: Friday, May 22, 2020
a) May 26, 2020 - As a courtesy, the FLC College Store will allow a one day grace period for returns.
b) May 27, 2020 - The book is no longer returnable and the "Failure to Return Fees" will be charged.

I agree to the Textbook Rental Agreement terms and conditions. I certify that I have read and understand the terms of the Agreement.